Overseas Investors

The United Kingdom is seen as one of the most attractive places in the world to both live and carry out business. London, renowned for being a cosmopolitan city, caters for every taste and culture. Therefore it isn’t a surprise to see the attraction it offers to wealthy individuals and families.

Various government schemes are offers to encourage foreign direct investment of funds into the UK. The Entrepreneur visa requires at least 200,000k available for investment into a new or existing business where the investment will create at least 2 new full time jobs for UK residents. The investor visa category however requires at least £2m, which must be available and invested into a specific investment, such as government bonds, or shares in UK listed companies.
International relocation can be very daunting when you are moving yourself and family to an unfamiliar territory. Therefore you need to understand the best immigration options available to you. Here at Avant Ventures we offer a tailor packaged service whilst working closely alongside specialist immigration lawyers. Our experience, coupled with our wide network of specialist advisors, provides our client with the peace of mind that their relocation to the UK is in safe hands.

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